Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vintage Car Lust

Just bought myself a lovely white 1974 Triumph 2500 TC, they look like this:

Mine needs work to get on the road, but it 's not too onerous so it shouldn't take long.

Not quite my dream car, but I've mildly lusted after one of these for a long time so I'm pretty excited!

Vintage, sleek & powerful; sigh...


lyndell said...

:-) I love Vintage cars too, even though I don't drive.

The Triumph looks a little like something Roger Moore would drive in "The Saint". An old TV show, my mother would watch and drool at Roger. Oh dear, I'm showing my age, guess I'm Vintage too :-)

uppitywoman said...

I think he drove a Volvo P1800; similar period & shape. I must be old too!

I think vintage cars suit me better than the bland new ones.

michvanetta said...

Oh wow, my sister had exactly the same as her first car around 12 years ago.
How lovely!

I have a '65 Valiant sitting on my front lawn, my first car that I can't part with ;)

Love, love, love the older cars!