Thursday, May 18, 2006

Learning to draw

I've finally decided what it is I want to do when I grow up, which basically boils down to getting serious about making corsetry & costumes for everyday fabulous people. To that end I've chosen a couple of courses I'd like to do over the next few years to refine my totally self taught skills in design & construction of wearable confections.

If you're at all interested in them, the course details are here and here
I'm hoping to do the visual arts one in the second half of this year & the Clothing Construction next year (perhaps going on to complete the three year course-who knows).

To this end I thought having some actual training in drawing might help in putting together a portfolio for applying to said courses, so that's what my last few Monday evenings have been. The pictures above are from my first three classes; they're slightly fuzzy since they're actually digital photos of A2 size work. The Wombok leaves, emu egg & bowl of seedpods is in ink, the figurine, emu egg & bowl in charcol & the lemon reamer & plastic strainer in 6b pencil (that one's a scan of the A4 original).

I found the ink really hard to control, especially on an easel where it kept responding to the forces of gravity in annoyingly messy ways! But it's all fun & I'm learning heaps surprisingly quickly. -I'm particularly pleased with the reamer since it actually looks like the real one & has that solid, plasticy look to it.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Leaves, leaves, leaves

Since I finally have a scanner working on my computer I now have digital images of some of my work. These are the first coloured drawings I've ever done- one in metallic pencils & the other ..not. The originals are both on A4 size paper. Obviously they're both of leaves- perhaps not the most exciting subject, but at least they don't move whilst being used as an artists model (until the kitten steals one to play with anyway).

I think they're pretty good; especially considering I drew them after not picking up a sketch book for a very, very long time & I'd never had a drawing lesson in my life.