Friday, July 10, 2009

My latest obsession

I've recently acquired a number of lovely antique postcards; oh dear, I feel the start of another collection!

Rather than just buying any image which catches my eye however, I'm focusing on humorous romantic images which can be read in a number of ways. I think of them as my Potentially Polyamorous Postcards.

These are the first two, which I bought from the lovely bananastrudel on Etsy. The caption on the one with the two ladies on the gentleman's lap which was posted in 1910, says 'I feel at home here'. The other one, posted in 1907 says 'Helpless'; I think the gentlemen are far more helpless than the lady here!

The handwritten message on the back of that one is fascinating too;

"Will you be mine said the gallant gay
to be by your side for ever and ever
and the maiden pondered yea.
May this question you want to Answer".

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