Sunday, March 15, 2009

So, got any good Medical History resources?

I recently acquired this fascinating instructional bandage. I think it's probably World War One era, judging by the type of drawing & the methods explained, but I really don't know for sure.

After searching the web & my history books (which admittedly aren't medical specific, Australian history is more my specialty) & finding absolutely nothing on this particular model & very little on similar ones, I'm stumped & looking for clues.

It says 'MADE IN ENGLAND' on the bottom right hand corner, 'REGISTERED.NUMBER.647071.' on the bottom right hand corner & FIRST-AID BANDAGE. (After Esmarch.) in the top corner.

I've found photos & references to Esmarch Bandages with German text, & American ones made by Johnson & Johnson, but the British one is nowhere to be found, I've only seen mention of it here McPheeters Antique Militaria which claims they were made by Vernon & Company but I can't find anything on that company either. Any ideas where to look for info would be greatly appreciated!


RocketGirl said...

I'll ask my boy- he's VERY into war history. Have you seen this link? Could be the your bandage if you bought it :)

xx nic (VintagePrincipessa)

uppitywoman said...

I got mine from a rabbit warren of a store near us who have had it on the wall for ages, but that one's exactly the same as mine (first one I've seen the same; thanks)

Any info or ideas of where to find info would be great!

seeker said...

Vernon & Co merged with Alexander Carus & Sons in 1970 to form Vernon-Carus.
Go to this link it has some background on Vernon & Co.

uppitywoman said...

Thanks so much for that tidbit seeker! Very interesting & gives much more exploring possibilities.