Friday, February 20, 2009

My latest corset creation

This is the corset I made for some lovely friends of mine as a birthday present for their partner. She has 12 panels, 18 bones (6 flat steel & 12 spiral steel), fully laced up the waist is 22 inches & the busk is an antique one I had in my stash. she's a really gorgeous black satin & the lining is a thinner satin with 'the lady is a vamp' printed in rows all over it. Not the greatest photo unfortunately; my camera decided to die right when I wanted to take this, so I only got one shot. The pillow model also doesn't quite have the hips to fill it out, so it looks a bit wrinkled where it actually isn't.

I made her a bit differently to the way I've done previous ones, by interfacing the outer fabric & inner strength layers separately & then flatlining them together & sewing them as one layer. The lining is separate again. I like the result & the way it came together & will be using the same method in future.

I hope the intended owner likes her.


Chrisy said...

Oh my...I'm gobsmacked with your talent!...maybe you could make one for etsy and see how it's a beautiful work of art!

uppitywoman said...

Thanks Chrisy; I'm thinking about selling some of my clothing & corsets there, I usually just make them for myself & my friends.